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    The Colorado Foundation for Water Education (CFWE) was created by the Colorado General Assembly in 2002 to promote better understanding of water resources through education and information with the ultimate goal of assisting Colorado citizens to understand that water is a limited resource and aid them in making informed water decisions. As the state’s only non-advocacy and non-profit water education organization, CFWE offers a variety of balanced, informational products and events.


    CFWE is an inclusive organization, accepting and sharing all the interests and values that relate to water in Colorado. The Foundation relies on its more than 550 members from diverse backgrounds for support, funding, feedback, and participation in water education events and activities.


    Informational publications and tours available


    To this aim, upon founding, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education set out to create immediate value for all Coloradans. It immediately made way for its Citizen’s Guide series of desktop reference guides which provides comprehensive, easy-to-read desktop references on key water topics such as Colorado’s water law, water quality protection and water heritage. Since 2010, CFWE has distributed more than 20,000 copies of the Citizen’s Guides.


    Headwaters, CFWE’s quarterly magazine, features interviews, legal updates, and in-depth articles on fundamental water resource topics. Available by subscription or with CFWE membership, Headwaters keeps readers up-to-date about water resource concerns throughout the state. Headwaters makes water education accessible and allows interested Coloradans to examine the connection between water and other timely issues, such as the nexus between water and land use. The newest issue on water and collaboration was released in early March with the next issue, highlighting the value and economics of water, due to be available this summer.


    In addition to educational publications, CFWE is also offers leads multi-day river basin tours. Tours bring water managers, decision-makers, community leaders, attorneys, and other interested individuals on a multi-day trip to explore one of Colorado’s river basins. This year, in June 2016, those interested can experience a tour by joining CFWE in exploring the Gunnison River Basin to learn about history; water management practices and challenges; creative partnerships and solutions; water uses; and more.


    The Foundation’s team also offers shorter single-subject tours. This spring, these one-day “mini-tours” explore topics such as Denver’s urban waterways by bicycle and climate and Colorado’s water future.


    Important Management Tool For Water Professionals


    Through its Water Fluency Leadership Program, which works in partnership with the Special District Association to offer scholarships to special district members (which the District is also a member of), CFWE targets community leaders and decision-makers to help them understand water and lead with confidence. Participants are immersed in the language and concepts of water, as well as the tools to navigate the complexity and future of water management and policy.


    The Water Leaders Program offers mid-level water professionals the opportunity to develop their leadership potential. The program provides training in conflict resolution, communication, and management and includes extensive self-assessments, executive coaching, and numerous networking opportunities. Since 2006, more than 110 individuals have graduated from the Water Leaders Program and continue to remain connected and involved through a Water Leaders Alumni Group.


    How To Become Involved


    CFWE activities rely on the support of its members, as well as grants and sales of its products. CFWE members receive regular updates and notices on new foundation products and events, discounts on publications and event registrations, and free subscriptions to Headwaters magazine.


    You, too can become a valuable member of the Foundation. CFWE welcomes private citizens and educators who are interested in learning about Colorado’s most precious resource and wants to have a voice in its future.


    For more information, to attend an upcoming event, to receive an upcoming publication, or to become a member, visit the CFWE website at or


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