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  1. 4/15/2016 YOU, TOO, CAN BE A SUPERHERO

    With all the superhero movies that are popular in Hollywood today, here’s a chance for you and your family to become a superheroes. On April 21 the world will observe the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day is a great excuse to look for ways to conserve the planet's natural resources its most precious resource is water. With droughts becoming an annual problem in many parts of the West, it's more important than ever to cut back on water waste.


    We all celebrate Earth Day differently and Bow Mar has some advice for all water users: Do one more thing to cut your water use! Below is a list of “one more things” you can do to be an Earth Day superhero on April 21 and everyday of the year.


    • Fix that Leaky Faucet: If you've got a faucet that's drip, drip, dripping away, today's the day to put in a new seal or replace the fixture altogether. One little drip doesn't seem like much but over a year that's a lot of wasted water.


    • Go for Water-Efficient Fixtures: If you do replace the faucet, make the new model a low-flow version. You can also find low-flow shower heads and toilets to further reduce your consumption. Look for the “Water Sense” label so you know that you're getting the best in efficiency technology.


    • Spring for New Appliances: If you've got an outdated washing machine or dishwasher, you could be using a lot of excess water. Newer models have a variety of efficiency technologies that can cut down dramatically on water usage, not to mention save heating energy. Don't procrastinate any longer -- make the change today.


    • Scrape, Don't Rinse: Dishwashers use less water than washing by hand, but you lose some of the advantage if you rinse the dishes off in the sink first. Instead, scrape excess food into the garbage and leave the sink out of the operation entirely.


    • Save Water in Your Garden: Xeriscape the yard to minimize the amount of water your plants need to survive.


    • Be Conscientious When and How You Water Your Yard:

    -- Make sure you are watering only between the times of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. to reduce water evaporation caused by Colorado’s high-altitude sunshine,

    -- Watch your sprinklers for overspray (sidewalks, driveways and roads don’t need water to survive),

    -- Do not water while it’s raining.  This is especially important if you have an automatic sprinkler timer.  If you know that Mother Nature will be watering your yard; deactivate the timer so that you aren’t wasting water, money, and possible lawn damage by overwatering. To prevent damaging Mother Nature’s good work, install a weather-based irrigation controller, and;

    -- Check your sprinkler system for leaks which can waste thousands of gallons of water without you knowing about it (at least until you get your water bill).


    • Enlist the Whole Family in the Effort: Your kids can be your biggest allies in conserving water if they know they are saving the planet at the same time. Encourage them to take shorter showers and turn off the water while brushing their teeth and washing the dishes. They can save gallons every day, which over time adds up in a big way.


    Just doing one more thing can have a huge benefit to your household, neighborhood, community, state, country and the Earth. It’s so easy to be an Earth Day Superhero!