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  2. Don’t get caught paying for major repair of your sewer service line when it may not be necessary. When you have a sewer backup in your home, the first thing you think about is how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again. Many sewer service companies are telling customers that the only way to avoid this is to have the sewer service line completely replaced. This is a very expensive solution that can end up costing many thousands of dollars. Many times a total replacement of the service line is not necessary.


    Here are some recommended steps to take if you experience sewer service trouble and before considering having the service line replaced:


    Call the District


    If you experience a sewer backup, Bow Mar encourages homeowners to contact the District as soon as they become aware of the backup. An experienced system operator will be dispatched to the property and will determine whether the stoppage is located in the District’s pipe or the customer’s pipe.


    If the stoppage is located in a District owned pipe our contracted operations service provider will immediately respond to clear the stoppage and restore normal flow. Customers who have incurred a backup of wastewater into their home will be advised that the District will reimburse reasonable documented water extraction, cleaning, deodorizing, and dehumidifying services of the affected area. Private property damage and loss must be reported to the District’s insurance carrier who reviews the claim and determines whether the District is liable for the reported damages. Generally, sewer service providers with comprehensive maintenance programs are found to be not responsible for property damage, even when a stoppage occurs in the sewer main. To ensure proper operation of District owned sewer pipes, Bow Mar conducts an extensive routine preventive maintenance program consisting of periodic video inspection of all District sewer mains and root removal and high pressure water cleaning of those pipes determined to be in need of further maintenance.


    If the District’s pipe is functioning properly, the customer will be advised to retain a reputable roto-rooter service to clean the sewer service pipe. Ask the company if they offer video inspection services with a recorded tape/DVD of the inspection of the service line. A video can help determine the cause and likelihood of future problems in the pipe and will assist in making decisions on how best to repair or replace the line. This can only be done after the service line has been cleared of any blockages that caused the sewer backup.


    Before making a decision on having major repair work done, bring a copy of the recorded inspection to the District office. The staff will review the recording free of charge.


    NOTE: The District is only responsible for operation and maintenance of District-owned sewer mains. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the connection to the District’s sewer main and all of the pipe that extends between the connection and the property receiving service.



    If you have a concern about advice you are receiving from a sewer inspection and/or repair company, or would like to request that a video be reviewed, please call Scott Hand, Platte Canyon Operations Supervisor, at (303) 979-2333



    Take Action Before You Have Problems


    As mentioned above, Bow Mar has a very extensive maintenance program consisting of pipeline video inspections, hydraulic cleaning and root cutting. As a service to District customers, if roots are observed growing into the sewer main from a customer’s service connection a picture is taken of the root intrusion and a letter is sent to the address alerting the customer of a potential problem. If you receive one of these letters, please follow the District’s recommendations and have your service line cleaned to prevent sewer line problems in the future.



    Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy


    Platte Canyon strongly urges homeowners to carry sewer backup coverage as part of their homeowner’s insurance package. Some insurers include such coverage in their standard policy while others offer it as a rider to the normal policy. These insurers rely on the homeowner to specifically request sewer backup coverage if it is desired. Do not wait for a sewer backup to occur before you determine if your insurance policy contains sewer backup coverage!



    Informational Brochure Available


    As a service to District customers, Platte Canyon (the District’s maintenance provider) has prepared an informational brochure on your sanitary sewer service, “What You Should Know About Your Sewer System”. This brochure includes a brief explanation of what your sewer system does and how it works and how to determine if you have a sewer line problem. In also includes important information of sewer service line ownership and maintenance responsibilities, how to avoid sewer repair scams, and the importance of obtaining sewer backup insurance coverage.


    If you would like to obtain a FREE copy of this brochure you can stop by the District office located at 8739 W. Coal Mine Ave., Littleton, CO 80123 or you can call (303) 979-2333 to request a copy of the brochure be mailed to you.