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  2. This Valentine’s Day when you’re thinking about the things you love in your life why not add water to the list.  Water is one of the things that you literally cannot live without and in Colorado it is becoming as precious as gold.


    Extensive research conducted by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and other water interests in the state has shown that Coloradans, particularly younger and minority audiences and newcomers to the state, lack vital information about how we get our water and the scarcity of the resource. As a headwaters state, Colorado water is a topic of great discussion among the 18 states who receive water from the Centennial state. Colorado is the only state other than Hawaii where water flows out of its borders but doesn’t flow in. It is for this reason that the Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It Toolkit was created.


    The toolkit uses the positive emotional connection people have to their water to send the message. Here are ways that people can show love to Colorado water:


    • Conserve - Conserving water and using water efficiently must be our way of life, not just a response to drought. Everyone who uses water—including farmers, consumers, businesses and recreators—has a responsibility to use water efficiently. Small changes in our daily lives can lead to significant savings.


    • Care - Because we live in the state where water originates, Coloradans enjoy some of the best water in the country. Let’s keep it that way. Whatever you put on your lawn, driveway or park can end up in your water supply. Simple measures like picking up after pets, and using pesticides and fertilizers sparingly help our water quality.


    • Commit - Compared to other expenses—mobile phones, internet, cable television, food—water is a pretty good deal. Most consumers only pay around a half of penny per gallon for the water coming out of their tap. However, aging infrastructure, rising energy costs, climate change and the need for new water projects to meet a growing population all will contribute to the cost of water increasing. As demand for water increases, solutions to complex water issues will need to be crafted. Commit to learning more about Colorado’s water.


    To view an information video about the Live Like you Love it campaign, please click here.


    To join the movement and Live Like You Love It, like Love Colorado Water on Facebook or follow it on Twitter at @LoveCOWater. To find out more about the toolkit, visit Colorado WaterWise at