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  2. Your water service may be interrupted due to one of a variety of reasons which can include; routine maintenance to our water distribution system and scheduled water main improvements. Service may also be interrupted due to an unforeseen emergency such as a water break and to causes that are not in the District’s control such as the customer has failed to pay their water bill.


    Listed below are the most common situations where water service interruptions can occur and helpful tips to follow in such cases:



    Scheduled Repairs


    Bow Mar has an extensive capital improvement program which strives to constantly upgrade its aging infrastructure to provide its customers with a reliable and safe water distribution system. With this in mind the District will schedule capital improvement projects each year (generally between the spring and fall seasons). In these situations, Bow Mar makes every effort to notify customers in advance. This is accomplished by first notifying the customer in person 24 to 48 hours before project work begins either in person or if there is no one home by a letter is left on the front door of the residence. A second notification occurs on the day of the water service interruption again in person or by placing a door hanger on the front door if there is no answer at the residence.



    Emergency Water Main Breaks


    All water utilities experience breaks in their system from time to time. Water main breaks come in all shapes, sizes, and severity. The process to safely repair a water main break involves many steps to ensure the safety of both personnel, the public and property. When a water main break is discovered, District operations personnel are dispatched to the area to determine the type and severity of the leak and to initiate immediate repairs to the broken water main.


    Once repairs are underway your water service will be interrupted as the water flow is stopped to repair the broken section of water main in the affected area. In this emergency situation, advance notice to our customers is not possible, however, District personnel will notify you in person and by a notice card left on your door if the emergency repair will disrupt your service. Please keep in mind personnel will not notify customers during late night or early morning hours.


    Please be aware that it can sometimes take many days to repair some water main breaks because of the volume and severity of the break. While the District strives to repair these breaks in the quickest manner possible, as you would expect, we must do so in a way that minimizes inconveniences to our customers, and is protective of our personnel, other utilities, and the public. No matter the length of the service interruption District personnel will provide emergency water to those customers with exceptional needs (i.e. schools, hospitals, day cares, care of the elderly/disabled, etc.) upon request.



    Non-Payment of Water Bill


    In the event you have not paid your bill within Bow Mar's established timeframes, service to your home or business may be discontinued by Bow Mar.


    If you suspect that your water service is interrupted due to non-payment of your water bill, please contact Linda Maxwell at the District's Finance Office at (303) 734-4800. 


    In the case of the any of the above mentioned service interruptions here are some tips that may prove helpful:


    ·       Try your cold kitchen tap - The main water supply normally enters your home in the cold kitchen or laundry room tap. If water comes out of this tap but not elsewhere (such as your shower or bathroom tap), the problem is with your internal plumbing.


    ·       If you don’t have water anywhere in your home check with your neighbors - It may be possible that your neighbors are experiencing a similar issue. If they’re not, this may indicate a problem with your private plumbing. The location of the problem will determine who is responsible for fixing it. If the interruption is due to a scheduled outage or emergency repair on the District’s water main, it is the responsibility of the District to fix the problem. If the interruption is caused by a problem with the water service lines that go to your home, your sprinkler system, or indoor plumbing then it is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix any problems.


    ·       If your neighbors are also experiencing a water outage then it is a good bet that there is a problem with the District’s water main that is affecting your street. Check to see if the District has left a notification door-hanger on your front door (if you have not been informed in person).


    ·       Call the District office (303-979-2333) – You can of course call the District office at anytime if you are experiencing a water outage or see a possible leakage of water in the street or on property. During business hours District administrative staff will take your information and send an operations staff member to your location (or the location of the perceived problem – i.e. water in the street, grass, etc.). If calling after normal business hours, weekends or holidays, please call our 24 hour phone number at 303-979-2333 and follow the prompts to reach the District’s on-call personnel. The on-call personnel will visit the location of the problem to start an investigation within an hour of receiving your call. Once our operations staff member has determined the cause of the water outage he will inform you of his findings and will take action if the outage is determined to be the District’s responsibility.