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  2. The first annual Denver Metro Water Festival garnered rave reviews from all participants. The festival served 825 sixth grade students and 25 teachers from both Denver public schools and seven suburban schools. Over 50 presenters and 80 volunteers worked to make this year’s festival a success.


    The festival was a half day event held at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. The day began with students arriving on campus and being greeted by a large bubble machine – a huge hit with the students – and festival guides who remained with each group of students throughout the day to ensure they did not get lost and made it to their assigned activities.


    Festival activities consisted of 30 presentations that were broken down into schedules for each school. Every school group experienced different presentations throughout the day, all revolving around the life cycle of water in Colorado from Mountaintop to water tap and even included presentations from the Littleton-Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant and Metropolitan Water and Reclamation District on what happens to water after it leaves the student’s homes.


    Several presentations were especially popular with the students. A few of these included:


    • Water Wizard that held a competition that tested the students’ knowledge of water
    • Water Warriors from the Denver Zoo which brought various animals from the zoo and demonstrated how the animals need and use water
    • Water Court which explained the laws of water in Colorado
    • Denver Botanic Gardens garden presentation; and
    • Urban Drainage’s presentation on the September 2013 floods


    Alyssa Quinn the District’s Conservation Specialist and core member of the festival organizational team stated, “that the festival exceeded all of the team’s expectations. The team is looking forward to continuing this great experience for our students for years to come.” Ms. Quinn went on to say that the team is planning on increasing the numbers of students who can participate in this rewarding educational experience.


    If you would like to see a video highlight of this year’s festival please click here and then click on the mp4 icon.