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  2. As part of the Bow Mar Water and Sanitation District’s ongoing Maintenance Program, District crews utilize high pressure water cleaning equipment to clean and scour District owned sanitary sewer mains throughout the year. Occasionally this equipment causes a vacuum effect in the sewer main which, if not vented through properly functioning customer-owned plumbing ventilation pipes, may result in a minor discharge from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and floor drains in a customer’s residence.


    Malfunctioning ventilation may be a result or cause, but no limited to, the following conditions: plugged vent stack on the roof, root intrusion of a customer’s sewer service, grease/debris build-up, and a sag or low spot in a customer’s sewer service.


    Cleaning District owned sanitary sewer mains is necessary to prevent wastewater stoppages, back-ups, spills, and to protect public health and safety. District crews take great care to avoid impacts to customer plumbing systems during these cleaning operations, but cannot determine where a malfunctioning ventilation system may cause a discharge. In order to prevent an appliance discharge it is recommended that District customers inspect and confirm that your plumbing ventilation system is operating correctly.


    If you have any questions, please contact Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor, at 303-979-2333.