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    Governor Hickenlooper has proclaimed July as Smart Irrigation Month for the state of Colorado.


    Smart Irrigation Month, an Irrigation Association initiative, takes place throughout July, traditionally the month of peak demand in North America, and is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency, water-saving products, practices and services.


    The Irrigation Association's Smart Irrigation Month campaign is designed to:


    ·       Educate homeowners, businesses, growers and other users about simple ways to save money and water.


    ·       Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies to customers.


    ·       Help water providers minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure in their communities.


    ·       Reinforce the role efficient irrigation plays in providing real solutions to today's water challenges.


    Homeowners typically overwater lawns and landscapes by up to 30 percent. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely, and maintaining and upgrading automated irrigation systems, consumers can save money, save water and see better results.


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    Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. Visit to learn more.