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  2. District staff is researching options to convert the District’s paper filing system to an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). One of the primary reasons for seeking an electronic alternative is to improve the filing of emails and electronic correspondence without printing and manually filing these documents. In addition, archived files can be converted from paper records to digital for permanent storage, whcih would greatly increases the efficiency of this task.
    Implementing an EDMS would include the following benefits for the District: 

    Reduce Costs

    Electronic document management will allow the District to reduce the amount of money spent on supplies associated with maintaining a paper filing system. For example the District would no longer have to buy additional shelving units, file folders, filing labels and will eliminate the necessity of paying for yearly label printing software maintenance fees.
    The District will also reduce print and copy costs because there is less need to make copies of documents, or to print out archived documents, so that means less toner and paper are required.
    Store and Manage All Document Types
    The District can not only file and manage typical paper documents like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, it can also incorporate emails and other electronic communications.
    Ensure Security
    Electronic document storage means no more lost files or folders. Full disaster recovery is guaranteed, ensuring that the District’s business-critical information is safe. This is not the case with paper files.
    File integrity is maintained and the system can provide a full audit trail that records who has accessed, edited, printed or modified a document.
    Paper documents stored together – for example on a filing shelf – all have the same security level, but with an EDMS, the District can assign different levels of access to different staff, and set different access restrictions per document. This prevents sensitive or confidential documents from being accessed by those with insufficient authorization.
    Save Time And Improve Staff Efficiency
    Because District documents are well organized, managed and indexed, District staff can retrieve information faster. It’s quicker for staff to search for and then access the documents they need. Powerful indexing means that documents can be filed in such a way that it would be possible to search for a particular document by using pertinent keywords, which ensures easier, faster retrieval. Compare this with having a physical paper file. For example, if an employee is looking for a specific correspondence in a file which contains a year’s worth of correspondence, then it will prove very challenging and time-consuming to find the piece of paper he or she is looking for if they have to physically flip through all the papers in the file.
    District staff intends to transition to electronic records management in March 2013.