Teachers Resource Packet



Denver Water’s Teacher Resource Packet, with its accompanying Transparencies, contains information and activities related specifically to water use and supply in the Denver Metro area. These materials are meant to complement the classroom text Investigating Earth Systems: Water.


The aim of the Packet is to enhance teaching and learning about water by providing factual, locally relevant resources. It also promotes hands-on student experiences that will bring about a deeper appreciation of water’s importance in our daily lives.


You will find several standard features in the Teacher Resource Packet…


·       Teaching Instructions – General instructions on how to prepare and use elements of the resource packet.


·       Teaching Tips – Suggestions for meeting learners’ needs at multiple levels, supplemental web links, and other tips.


·       Did You Know? – Fun-fact inserts that help to engage students and prompt further exploration.


·       Activities – Reproducible worksheet pages that aid in learning retention and help track progress.


·       Digging Still Deeper – Expanded readings about local water topics help students relate to the various uses of water in their daily lives.


·       Glossary – Throughout the packet, words in bold are defined at the end of each section and in the master list at the end of the packet.


In addition, don't forget to check out Denver Water’s supplemental educational video clips.


For more information on Denver Water’s Youth Education Program or to request a hard copy of the teacher's edition of the Teacher Resource Packet, email or call 303-634-3425.